TypeScript with NodeJS

TypeScript has had first class support for NodeJS since inception. Here's how to get setup with a NodeJS project in TypeScript:

  1. Compile with --module set to "commonjs" (as we mentioned in modules)
  2. Add node.d.ts (typings install dt~node --global) to your compilation context.

That's it! Now you can use all the built in node modules (e.g. import fs = require('fs')) with all the safety and developer ergonomics of TypeScript!

Creating TypeScript node modules

You can even use other node modules written in TypeScript. As a module author, one real thing you should do:

  • you might want to have a typings field (e.g. src/index) in your package.json similar to the main field to point to the default TypeScript definition export. For an example look at package.json for csx.

Example package: npm install csx for csx, usage: import csx = require('csx').

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