export default can lead to problems

Lets go with an example. Consider you have a file foo.ts with the following contents:

class Foo {
export default Foo;

You would import it (in bar.ts) using ES6 syntax as follows:

import Foo from "./foo";

There are a few maintainability concerns here:

  • If you refactor Foo in foo.ts it will not rename it in bar.ts
  • If you end up needing to export more stuff from foo.ts (which is what many of your files will have) then you have to juggle the import syntax.

For this reason I recommend simple exports + destructured import. E.g. foo.ts:

export class Foo {

And then:

import {Foo} from "./foo";

Bonus points: You even get autocomplete at this cursor location

import {/*here*/} from "./foo";

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